Emotions are obviously a very important part of playing games, when you can't express your mind as freely as in real life. We all use some form of expressing our emotions when chatting with friends, whether with emoticons or other things.They help with expressing ourselves, but they're can also be important part of communication, especially in online multiplayer games like DotA or LoD!

We're glad to present Emoticons to the DotA world, where emotions get so intense, that they cannot be handled with just letters. Emoticons may be used to compliment teammates, to trigger your enemies or to troll them, and for many other uses you'll surely think of.

Donate 5$ or more for emoticons.


They're available for anyone who supports DotA Allstars development by donating. Using them is simple: type in proper alias in chat (ally, all-chat - doesn't matter), and the emoticon will appear above your hero. It works even if your hero is dead - emoticons will spawn above your death location. Remember that they are visible even if enemies can't see your hero due to invisbility. Check below to see all messages that trigger emoticons.

You can use it as many times as you want, but each use has a 3.5 second cooldown.

As any other bonus, emoticons are bound to nickname and work in single player as well as local games.



Is everyone able to see them or just me?

Everyone will see the bonusses exactly the same way you see them.

How long do extras (models/emoticons/etc.) last?

Each bonus lasts forever. Anyone who obtains one will have it kept forever while playing DotA Allstars by DracoL1ch.

Is there any restrictions on using of bonuses?

The only restriction is your ingame nickname. Make sure you provide your ingame nickname (the name displayed when you write a message in Warcraft 3 ingame chat) - not your login name, platform username or anything else. The nick other players see when you're playing DotA.
It must contain standard symbols only. Use this page to check your nickname.

What if I want to change my nickname and still receive bonusses?

You can send me a message via e-mail. You have to tell me your previous nickname, the new one, and the email you used for the donation (so no one else can steal your identity by faking your message).

How do I activate bonus models?

Just pick the hero with the model you want, it will always have new skin and effects as long as you use the ingame nickname the bonusses are connected to.

How do I activate emoticons?

Type any text related to emoticon into chat. You can even type it with "-" sign in front, like -lul, so it won't appear in chat while still displaying it normally.

When I will receive bonusses?

Once I see the donation email and the correctly provided nickname. You have to provide your nickname somehow, via message with donation or via another separate email. My timezone is GMT+5, so at night time I won't be able to instantly activate bonusses.


Starter Pack / Page 1
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Starter Pack / Page 2
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/images/shop/emotes/pack1/boss.gif animatedboss
Available only with Pudge Scarecrow's set
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